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Been a 'senior electronics technician' for 35 years, the last 20 doing mostly PWB layout for several employers - 7 years, 3 years, 2 years & 8 years. The last job, the cheeses kept saying 'times are tough' for about 5-6 years yet no layoffs per se, while some temps have come & gone, the [...]

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Top tips to start a successful blog in 2018

Sharing information across internet is a kind of online business which is popularizing day by day. Blog writing is the easiest online business which can be done from anywhere and anytime. All you need to work on some strategies that can make your blog a real hit. It's like playing online casinos or any startegic games. If you want to check what a good strategy is, check timetobet. Today people across the nation are earning huge amounts from their blogs. Let us look on some tips to start a successful bog in 2018:

Good Idea

The first and for most tip to start a blog is that you need a good idea. Before starting a blog, you must have the idea about what you are going to write in your blog. We think about lots of things but we never talk about them. So, you just need to pick up the best idea from your thought process on which you can talk a lot.

Find a good domain name

After working on a good idea, you need to find an appropriate name for the blog. Domain name is a name which you type in the address bar to open the website. It should be unique and simple so that audience can easily attract towards it. As it represents the entire content of your blog, it requires brainstorming to find a perfect domain name.

Web hosting

This is the other most important tip for a successful blog. You need a registered space for your website where you can upload the blog posts. For this, you need to get web hosting. WordPress, Problogger, etc are the most common web hosts on the internet.

Setting up theme

Theme plays a major role in the success of a blog. Your work needs to be well organized and well presented for the achievement of the goal. Theme of the blog can give a layout to the blog posts which can attract the positive audience. It should always be relatable to the content of the blog.

Create Content

After setting up the above mentioned tips, now you need to create the content for the blog. The content should serve the basic idea of sharing the information across internet. One should give attention towards the following points while creating content:

Content should be simple.

It should not be difficult to understand.

It must have related pictures which makes it attractive.

Use bombastic words.

Make it more relatable to the audience for their interest.


Promoting an e business is just like watering a plant. Your blog can not be a success without promotions. Digital networking is required for any type of promotion on the internet, which includes promoting strategies like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, etc. Moreover, social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc are very popularized in today’s world. These platforms also give many opportunities to promote the online businesses.


Continuity is the key secret for the long term success of a blog. One should have the content to post daily so that audience can stay connected. Keep the audience updated for the upcoming blog posts as well.